Catalyst Resources | Rebuilding Monson Photos
The town of Monson, Massachusetts was one of the hardest hit in the 39-mile track of the June 1 tornado. Several of my family members live near the downtown area and took photos immediately after the tornado. I had taken photos in some of the same areas just a few weeks earlier for the town's 250th anniversary celebration. I have combined those two image sources and added updates from time to time to show our family and friends how the town's rebuilding efforts are progressing. Many thanks to my collaborators Melissa Duggan, Karen King, and Nathan North.

For those who have visited previously, you'll notice that the original gallery has been separated into a series of collections for the different streets to make it easier for viewers to navigate the many images. The six-month update photos have been added for Bethany Road and State Street; the other streets will be updated as time permits.

These images are available for purchase directly from this website, and they can also be compiled in a book or a DVD slideshow. For more information about book/DVD options please get in touch with me using the contact information on the home page.
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